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Muntpunt closed from 20.09 to 28.09

We’re closing our doors from 20.09 in order to switch to new library software. From 29.09 (12:00) onwards, you’ll be able to resume borrowing books, reading, working or studying at Muntpunt.

Can’t survive a week without books? Then visit our extra-long book sale from 20.09 to 22.09, during the library's closure!

Tijdelijk gesloten voor nieuwe bibliotheeksoftware

We’re closing our doors from 20 to 28 September in order to switch to new library software.

As a consequence, you’ll temporarily be unable to borrow books, read, work or study at Muntpunt. Our doors will reopen on 29 September from 12:00, when you can expect a warm welcome and an even better service.
Mijn Bibliotheek (My Library) will also be unavailable from 21 september until 25 september (17:00).

You may not be able to borrow books for a while, but if you want to stock up on new reading stock, you can buy books at bargain prices during the extra-long book sale from 20 to 22 September.

More information about this exceptional closure can be found below in the frequently asked questions.

frequently asked questions

Why are you closing?

The library is switching to Wise. Transferring all of the data from our previous software to Wise involves a significant amount of work. And we also need time to get used to the new software. Which is why the library is closing for a few days.

What about my borrowed books?

Good news! Those with titles to return during the closure period can hold onto them for a little longer. We’ll automatically extend your loan period, so that you don’t get any fines during this exceptional closing period.

Can I return titles to the (outdoor) return station, located on the side of the Muntpunt building?

No, unfortunately not. But don’t worry. Your loan period will automatically be extended and you won't be fined during this exceptional period of closure.

I’ve run out of reading material. What now?

Well, we certainly can't have that!

You can stock up on new, affordably priced reading material during the library’s closure at our book sale (20, 21 and 22 September).

Or discover our e-books, online films, digital newspapers and more in the E-library. And for children, there’s the Online Kids Library: a world brimming with read, watch, listen, play and do tips. Enjoy the Kids Library from the comfort of your own home!