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Medialab (EN)


Test, learn and share (new) skills from Monday 23.09 to Thursday 17.10

Graphics lab, art lab, sound lab, video lab, online lab...
Muntpunt Medialab is now loaded and ready for testing. Do you have an idea, story or project... but not the right tools, software or skills? Test things out, learn and share; alone or with others.


In Muntpunt Medialab there are 5 computers:

  • 2 x Apple iMac Pro
  • 3 x Windows computers [ALIENWARE AURORA R8]

On the computers there is a range of software that you can use for free:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud [Graphics - Photoshop / InDesign / Illustrator / ... || Video - Premiere Pro / Audition / After Effects / ... || Photography - Lightroom / ... || Web - XD / Dreamweaver / ...]
  • Autodesk [AutoCAD]
  • Microsoft 365 [Office 365]

In addition to this software you can also borrow handy tools (for use in the Medialab):

  • ISKN Slate
  • iPad + Apple pencil
  • Photo scanner

How does it work?

The Medialab is accessible to anyone with an idea, story, project etc. You don't need any prior knowledge of programs. In the Medialab you can test things out for yourself, teach yourself new skills using tutorials and How To’s, or get advice from other, more experienced Medialab users.

If you’re familiar with the software and/or tools, but you’re looking for an inspirational space where you can work with (or without) others, why not come along to the Medialab and share some inspiration? Share your knowledge and skills and who knows, you might also learn something new or expand your collaborative network.

To use the computers, software and tools, all you need is a library card (from the Brussels Libraries).

Medialab works on a first come, first serve basis.
To ensure a computer will be available for you, you can reserve a Medialab timeslot in advance.

Reserve your computer >

Questions, suggestions, need for feedback? Leave your message on the ‘Mediaklap’ notice board.

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ma 23.09 --> do 17.10

23 oktober, 14:00

The game is on! Arcade Club is terug van weggeweest. Kom tijdens deze XXL-versie mee timmeren en zagen aan een oldschool arcadekast of maak je eigen 2D-videogame.

2 november, 10:00

Van idee naar script en van script naar film? Zet samen met Imazi.Reine de eerste stappen als regisseur. In 5 workshops verken je de basics van scriptwriting en filmmaking.