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LEESCLUBBING: DIY book clubs for you and your friends

Has it happened to you? You get together with your friends and don't know what to talk about. Has everything already been said? Have subjects for discussion simply dried up? Your conversational skils a bit rusty? We have just the remedy...

LEESCLUBBING: DIY book clubs for you and your friends!

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LEESCLUBBING is a brand new DIY-formula: a real book club, but then however, wherever and with whomever you want.

We provide the books, you host the club.

With ever new conversation-enhancing books in 5 different categories. Discover them all!

The collection changes every 6 months: we add new titles and say goodbye to the old ones. Just to make sure you never run out of talking points.

What does a LEESCLUBBING package contain?

When you borrow a LEESCLUBBING package, you receive a magnificent tote bag containing:

  • 5 copies of a debate inducing book
  • A sealed envelope with questions: a lifesaver for awkward silences
  • A short ‘how-to’ guide
  • A nice surprise to set the right atmosphere

Now for only € 10*
or 20 Paspartoe points (more info)
*Reduction rate: € 2

Things Could Be Worse

You have such a difficult life. The crisis is raging. Disaster looms. The breakdown beckons. Your favourite sweater has been lost in the laundry. Your boss is a dick. Your loved one wants to go on holiday without you. You're thirsty, but the bars are closed and all the glasses are half empty.

A DIY book club full of adventures gone wrong, sinister stories and dark tales to forget your own worries.

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The Book Binge

Why be frugal with good things? Why nibble when you can devour? Resist if you want to give in? You can learn something from the glutton: some things are just better without measure. Sometimes a little too much is just enough.

A DIY book club that can rival even Netflix. With books that scratch where it itches, for your shameless enjoyment.

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Matters That Matter

Stir up a commotion in your group of friends. The world is on fire. Those who want to put out the fire cannot shy away from the heat. Fortunately, you're not afraid of flaring emotions or heated discussions. Fiery arguments can burn you. That's how you recognise the things that matter.

A DIY book club boiling over with current affairs, hot topics and issues to talk about.

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The Greatest Book You've Never Read

Just admit it! Madeleine cookies don't really remind you of Proust. You only associate The Great Gatsby with DiCaprio. Your fight with Don Quixote is like fighting windmills, and the Ulysses on your bedside table is merely a mosquito swatter.

Wipe the blush from your face. It's okay! A DIY book club to finally read what you should have read a long time ago.

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The Chosen Few

For you only the best of the best, the newest of the new, the cream of the crop. If it doesn't rise above, you're not going to stoop! Admired, acclaimed, rewarded ... Give this reader what he/she deserves. Right?

A DIY book club for the leading literary, title holders among titles and classics in the making.

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How does it work?


  • Choose from 13 conversation-enhancing books. Discover the English selection here. For all the titles (Dutch and English), click here.
  • The fee is € 10. Reservations can be made via Mijn Bibliotheek.
  • Pick up your LEESCLUBBING package in Muntpunt at the yellow desk (Agora 0).


  • Deliver the book to your friends and set a date. You have 8 weeks.
  • Read the book. You cannot skip this step in good conscience.


  • Make it cosy and sociable. Serve snacks and drinks. A good atmosphere is the best foundation for a good conversation.
  • Forget about academic book reviews and pretend you're sitting together at a bar: be spontaneous and casual.
  • Appoint a discussion leader. He doesn't know what to do? The sealed envelope with questions is your lifesaver for awkward silences.
  • Differences of opinion are not deal breakers. On the contrary! Allow yourself to be enriched by new insights. Show understanding for each other's opinions. After all, you want to remain friends.


  • Collect the books and return them to Muntpunt. You can hand them in at the yellow desk (Agora 0). Are you late? You'll pay a € 0,50 fine per day.
  • You can keep the bag and the surprise. A gift!
  • Questions, suggestions or feedback? We'd love to hear them! Send an e-mail to info@muntpunt.be.

“Thanks to LEESCLUBBING I can read my friends so much better!”

“You can do LEESCLUBBING at home or in your favourite café. You make it as strange or as wild as you want. You just can't do that in the company of wild strangers.”

“We were already friends. A clique, a gang. Never thought we could also be a book club!”

“In normal clubs, the music is so loud because nobody has anything to say. Give me LEESCLUBBING any time!”

“So it's true after all? Things you do yourself you do better.”

“Since LEESCLUBBING, my friends are like an open book to me.”

More book clubs...

Can't get enough of LEESCLUBBING, but your friends really don't want to play along? Well, make new friends!

Muntpunt has several (Dutch-speaking) book clubs where you can go every month/week for a chat about a fascinating book: Leeslamp, Boekbabbel, Samen Lezen and, specifically for people who want to practice and improve their Dutch, Samen Lezen NL.

Or find all future book clubs and books on a single page.

LEESCLUBBING is an initiative of Muntpunt. Illustrations: Levi Jacobs