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Bookaplace (EN)

You can now book your Muntpunt study or work space free of charge via bookaplace.be, wherever and whenever you want.

Searching for a Muntpunt study or work space? Secure your space by booking in advance via bookaplace.be. For now, there are about 50 places to reserve.


  • Don’t waste a second of your precious time
  • Book your favourite place, wherever and whenever you want
  • Avoid queuing for your study or work space
  • Make free use of the web application
How does it work?

Anyone can book a space at Muntpunt. All you need is a valid email address.

  • booking
    • Go to bookaplace.be and create an account.
    • select your space, date and time via your account
  • on your arrival at Muntpunt
    • go to the 3rd floor, where all the bookable spaces are located
    • locate your booked space via the space number (specified on the stickers on the tables)
    • check in via the QR code (please note: if you fail to check in, your booking will automatically expire after 15 minutes)
    • check out when you’ve finished
    • Muntpunt is happy to provide your study space. In return, we kindly ask you to respect our house rules.
Trial project

Booking study or work spaces via Bookaplace is currently under trial at Muntpunt. That’s why, for the time being, you can only book study and work spaces on the 3rd floor of the Muntpunt building. There are currently some 50 spaces.

In the autumn of 2019, we’ll evaluate this reservation system based on feedback from employees and visitors. Got feedback on our booking system? Please let us know via info@muntpunt.be.

What is Bookaplace?

Bookaplace is a web application that allows you to book a study or work space at Muntpunt.

The application was developed for Muntpunt by Blubird and made possible with the support of the Programme for Innovation Procurement of the Flemish Government.