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Waterstones Book Club: Are You Twins? (Anke and Lienke van Nugteren) (EN)

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woensdag 6 februari 2019,
18:45 tot 20:30
Muntpunt, Literair Salon S1, Munt 6, 1000 Brussel

Muntpunt i.s.m. Waterstones Brussels

Twins Anke and Lienke van Nugteren were raised in Belgium. They outgrew Belgium and started travelling to some rather unusual destinations, at that time, for single girls: Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, the Emirates, Iran and Morocco.

People were both fascinated and intimidated by them being twins. Many travels and many years later, the twins found a safe haven on an island in the Aegean Sea. They divide their time between the Cyclades and Belgium.

In ‘Are You Twins?' Anke and Lienke van Nugteren tell the story of their lives. You do not only meet the twins, but also encounter a part of the world that in time became less and less accessible for Western eyes.

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