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Podcast Academy Launch: Why to podcast (EN)

Seden Anlar guides you through the world of podcasting. Join her Podcast Academy, a three-part series on storytelling, producing and promoting. The first workshop is all about authentic storytelling. How do you find your own voice, and create a story with it, how do you establish a bond with the listener? In short: why to podcast? Seden Anlar and Sarah Diedro Jordão hold the answer.

donderdag 28 oktober 2021,
18:30 tot 22:00
Muntpunt, De Grid +5, Munt 6, 1000 Brussel

Join her first of three workshops and let's have a drink afterwards to celebrate the launch of Podcast Academy in De Grid.

> 18:30 - 20:00 | Podcast Academy: Why to podcast (authentic storytelling)

“Storytelling defeats numbers, It’s about authenticity, sharing, and connection.”

Podcasting has been on the rise in recent years with more podcasts being produced and the number of listeners going up more than ever. A lot of the talk around podcasting focuses on how to record and edit episodes. However, podcasting is much more than that. Doing a podcast entails finding your own voice, creating a story with it, and establishing an intimate bond between you and the listener. To be able to understand these aspects of podcasting, we need to look into why we produce podcasts in the first place and why storytelling matters.

In the first session of this three-part workshop series on Podcasting, Brussels-based producers Seden Anlar and Sarah Diedro Jordão are going to explore the value of having an authentic story and a sense of identity and the power behind owning your story. Recognizing that authentic storytelling is essential in growing an online following, the session is going to provide all the ‘why's’ about podcasting that will help you become a storytelling genius and reveal all the steps necessary to help you emotionally connect with your audience. Whether you've been wanting to jump onto the podcasting bandwagon, or if you already have a podcast but you'd like to take it to the next level, this is the workshop for you.

> 20:00 - 22:00 | Drinks @ De Grid

Let's have a toast to celebrate the launch of Podcast Academy in De Grid.


About Seden Anlar

Seden Anlar is a Brussels-based podcast host/producer, and a political communications specialist with a background in Law and Global Politics, and an MSc in Journalism in Europe. She is currently hosting and/or producing ‘Green Space’ for the Green Party of England and Wales covering elections, ‘Green Wave’ for the Green European Journal, and her independent project: the Big Green Politics Podcast where she does political commentating on a wide range of topics from climate change to racism. Seden is also Communications and Outreach Manager at the Green European Journal.

About Sarah Diedro Jordão

Sarah Diedro Jordão is a Social Justice activist, a Podcast producer, an educational workshop creator, and a freelance Communications Strategist. She's a former UN Women Youth Ambassador and currently serves as an advisor to the North-South Center of the Council of Europe on Intersectionality & inclusive policy-making. Sarah recently produced the official FYEG podcast: Young Green Podcast and currently hosts the Insta Talks for the World Forum for Democracy of the Council of Europe where she interviews young climate activists and experts about the various aspects of the climate crisis and climate activism. For more podcast-hosting references, you can have a listen to her two independent productions: Vocal about it: a podcast that celebrates women of color in Europe, goes against racist and colonial stereotypes, and normalises their presence, and Reclaiming our Joy: a video podcast where she interviews Black Women and non-binary Black people about things that make them happy, using Black Joy as an act of resistance and normalizing Black bodies being vulnerable and expressing themselves on light and joyful topics.

Join the other workshops of Podcast Academy, a three-part series on storytelling, producing and promoting.

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