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Close reading: Girl, Woman, Other (Bernardine Evaristo) (EN)

Together with Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie, we will plunge into the Booker Prize-winning novel ‘Girl, Woman, Other’, written by Bernardine Evaristo.

donderdag 13 augustus 2020,
12:30 tot 13:30
Muntpunt, Leesstraat, Munt 6, 1000 Brussel
€ 7 / 5
Passa Porta

in het Engels / in English / en anglais

Is reading really a solitary activity?

This series proves the contrary. During these close reading sessions, the moderator will read a selection of literary extracts out loud. The participants will then be invited to react, if they wish to, to the content, the stories, the style. The moderator will animate the discussion and share her perspective on the questions raised.

Girl, Woman, Other

On 13 August, together with Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie, we will plunge into the Booker Prize-winning novel Girl, Woman, Other, written by Bernardine Evaristo. Girl, Woman, Other follows the lives of 12 different black women trying to find their way in different times, from the lesbian theatre-maker Amma to the non-binary Morgan. Despite their diverse backgrounds and social positions, all characters are connected to one another.

For this close reading, Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie will select a number of extracts from the book to help us understand the themes of Girl, Woman, Other.

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1 City, 19 Books
This close reading is a part of the 1 City, 19 Books campaign: 19 carefully chosen books are the starting point to talk, share and inspire all summer long.

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